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(The mysterious land of really, really old photos)


Rufus and Edgar

From the scowls of the two boys sitting in the center of this close-up, I'd say somebody got in trouble -the kind that merited a stern scolding.  Remember these two frowning fellows (Rufus Haverstick and Edgar Millhimes) because they'll show up again in the wedding section.



In this picture my grandfather (who looks oddly like Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh) is posed next to a hobby horse.  For the record, the hobby horse still exists.


John and Jim Haverstick

Kids go through a lot for a snappy picture -like wearing funny looking pants.  That is my father, John, on the left and my Uncle Jim at the right.  Dad really wasn't fond of wearing "knee-britches."  Once upon a visit to the tailor, he went into the shop before everyone else and convinced the man to make him long pants.

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