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(The mysterious land of really, really old photos)  

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   Welcome to a page of more really really ancient pictures of my grandfather and great grandparents on the paternal side of my family. I'm going to take a wild stab here and guess that these pictures were taken in the mid to late 1910s... Again, that's a wild stab. These photos have been cleaned up a bit by moi, but after 90 years they've held up quite well. 



From left to right are: Soloman John Haverstick, Mandilla (Sponseller) Haverstick and Rufus Haverstick



On the left is a photo of  Mandilla Haverstick posed in front of a stone farm house in Adams County, Penna. From what I understand the family lived and worked on the farm, though it was owned by someone else who did not live there. The second picture is a close up of Mandilla.

Games of chance? The hatless man at the center of whatever it is that's going on here is Solomon John Haverstick.



Above are pictures of Rufus Haverstick in various stages of childhood. In the first he's posing with his calf. In the second he reminds me a lot of my brother at that age... and the cat he's holding looks like ours...O-kay... In the last picture, Rufus is posing with his clarinet. Hey! That's what I used to play! Me wonders if his is wood, metal, is a one piece or comes apart entirely.


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